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  • Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) CRIN is a global network that disseminates information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child and child rights among nongovernmental organisations, United Nations agencies, intergovernmental organisation, educational institutions, and other child rights experts. n.d.
  • Community-Based Care in the Developing World: Related Resources HIV InSite's collection of material on international community-based care programs. n.d.
  • CORE Initiative A USAID-funded global program designed to enhance the response of community and faith-based leaders and institutions to the causes and consequences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. n.d.
  • Hope for African Children Initiative Community-based effort for children orphaned by AIDS or whose parents are ill or dying of AIDS-related causes. n.d.
  • UNICEF Includes publications and links related to children affected by HIV/AIDS. n.d.