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HIV infection, malnutrition, and invasive bacterial infection among children with severe malaria

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Abstract only. In this study, the researchers examined 3,068 consecutive children admitted to a Kenyan district hospital with clinical features of severe malaria and 592 control subjects from the community to determine the prevalence of HIV, malnutrition, and bacterial infections. Following multivariable regression analysis, they concluded that HIV, malnutrition and IBI are biologically associated with severe disease due to falciparummalaria rather than being simply alternative diagnoses in co-incidentally parasitized children in an endemic area.

Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Language: English
Format: Web Page
Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya
Audiences: Doctors/Physicians, Nurses, Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners
Topic Areas: Primary Care of HIV Infected & Exposed Children, Opportunistic Infections & Associated Conditions
Resource Type: Journal Articles