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Women's opinions about routine HIV testing during pregnancy: implications for the opt-out approach

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Abstract only without subscription. To assess women's opinions about the opt-out approach to HIV testing during pregnancy, a cross-sectional survey was conducted in May-June 2004 at 14 geographically diverse clinics funded by Ryan White CARE Act (RWCA) Part C and Part D agreements. Of 853 women respondents to the one-page, self-completed survey questionnaire, 90% agreed with routine HIV testing and 91% reported being comfortable with testing, demonstrating that the large majority of women agree with and support HIV testing as a part of routine prenatal care.

Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert Publishers
Language: English
Format: Web Page
Region: North America
Audiences: Counselors, Policymakers, Program Managers
Topic Areas: Psychosocial Support, Testing & Counseling
Resource Type: Journal Articles