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Reduced mortality associated with breast-feeding-acquired HIV infection and breast-feeding among HIV-infected children in Zambia

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A frequently asked question is, "Can breast-feeding be continued by an HIV infected mother if it is known that an infant is already HIV-infected?" Data on this issue is scarce but a recent study by Fox et al. provides some information. In a prospective study of 213 patients in Zambia the outcome of infants was analyzed based on whether the infants were likely to have been infected in utero, intrapartum/early postpartum or postpartum. Children infected postpartum had one fourth the mortality rate of those infected in utero. Stopping breast-feeding in the HIV-infected children increased the mortality. There was also an association between child mortality and low birthweight and maternal death. While this study does not clearly answer the question of the safety of continuing breast-feeding in an HIV-infected infant, it does provide information that the risk of stopping is probably greater than that of other theoretical outcomes of continuing breast-feeding in an already infected child e.g. superinfection with HIV. (Jurriaans et al., 2008)

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Topic Area: Perinatal Interventions
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