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HIV Prevalence Estimates from the Demographic and Health Surveys

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English: PDF [4.4MB]


This report summarizes the HIV prevalence estimates provided by the MEASURE Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) project. DHS surveys typically interview a nationally representative sample of over 10,000 people age 15-49. After 2001, they began doing HIV tests along with the interview. Prior to 2001, HIV prevalence was estimated largely from sentinel surveillance systems that monitored HIV rates in pregnant women attending antenatal care. Since then, DHS has included population-based HIV testing as part of 47 surveys in 34 countries.

Publisher: ICF International
Language: English
Format: PDF
Regions: Global, Sub-Saharan Africa
Audiences: Policymakers, Program Managers
Topic Areas: Monitoring and Evaluation , General HIV Resources
Resource Type: Program Monitoring & Evaluation