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A Guide to Developing Materials on HIV/AIDS and STIs

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English: Web Page PDF [1.4 MB] Russian: Web Page PDF [1.4 MB]


This guide offers step-by-step guidelines for developing accurate, useful, and action-oriented educational materials to meet the communication needs of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and care and support programs. Each chapter of this guide discusses a step in the materials development process in the context of developing a behavior change communication (BCC) strategy and program. It demonstrates the process of learning about target populations using qualitative research methodologies, developing effective messages with their input, and crafting visual messages to support the overall HIV and AIDS program.

Publisher: Program for Appropriate Technology in Health
Languages: English, Russian
Formats: Web Page, PDF
Regions: Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Georgia
Audience: Program Managers
Literacy level: Medium
Topic Area: Primary Prevention
Resource Type: Program Development