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Co-trimoxazole Dosage Formulations and Dosage for Infants and Children Living with HIV or Exposed to HIV

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Cotrimoxazole is an antibiotic that reduces rates of opportunistic infections, such as malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia, and death among adults and children living with HIV. These tools were developed in effort to increase use of and adherence to cotrimoxazole. Using expertise from technical experts at USAID and CDC and from clinicians and behavior change specialists in Uganda, these draft tools are designed to meet the needs of both providers and clients, complementing in-country cotrimoxazole guidelines. Materials includes images and graphics that are easy to understand and were designed to be used in low-literacy settings. The materials targeting health providers emphasize the benefits of cotrimoxazole, provide dosage information, and include details of eligibility and contraindications.

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Publisher: U.S. Agency for International Development
Language: English
Format: PDF
Region: Global
Audiences: Doctors/Physicians, Nurses, Other Healthcare Workers
Topic Areas: Opportunistic Infections & Associated Conditions, Primary Care of HIV Infected & Exposed Children, Primary Care of HIV-Infected Women
Resource Type: Patient & Community Education Material