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Sexually Transmitted and other Reproductive Tract Infections - A Guide to Essential Practice

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This publication is intended to assist health care managers and practitioners in resource- limited reproductive health care settings to meet the needs of individuals who may be at risk of reproductive tract infections. It is assumed that readers are familiar with certain clinical knowledge, such as drugs and their dosages, although they may not have experience with management of sexually transmitted infections. The publication reflects the involvement of a large number of international experts who reviewed and debated aspects of the document to ensure that recommendations are based on the best available evidence as well as on what are considered favorable public health outcomes.

Publisher: World Health Organization
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic
Format: Web Page
Region: Global
Audiences: Doctors/Physicians, Nurses, Other Healthcare Workers, Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners, Midwives/Traditional Birth Attendants
Literacy level: Medium
Topic Areas: Opportunistic Infections & Associated Conditions, Reproductive Health & Family Planning
Resource Type: Manuals