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Caregiver Booklet: A Guide For Patients, Family Members and Community Caregivers

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This booklet is designed to help patients, family members, and community caregivers in the home-based care of serious long-term illness. It explains how to deal with specific symptoms, provide care for terminal and bedridden patients at home, and decide when to seek help from a health facility. The Caregiver Booklet is designed to be used by health workers to educate family members and other caregivers and then given to them to use as a reference at home.

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Publisher: World Health Organization
Language: English
Format: PDF
Region: Global
Audiences: Doctors/Physicians, Nurses, Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners, Community Health Workers/Volunteer Caregivers
Literacy level: Medium
Topic Area: Home-Based Care
Resource Type: Clinical Guidelines