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A Guide to Primary Care of People with HIV/AIDS

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English: Web Page


This manual was designed in 2004 to provide practical answers for the common questions that arise in the care of patients with HIV infection. It addresses the appropriate use of antiretroviral drugs, treatment of opportunistic infections, symptom management, treatment of concurrent medical conditions, patient evaluation, adherence, mental health, substance abuse, overall clinic management, and other factors that lead to improved patient outcomes. Recommendations for care and treatment change rapidly so users are encouraged to consult other sources for up-to-date information, especially manufacturers? package inserts and national ARV treatment guidelines.

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Publisher: Health Resources and Services Administration
Language: English
Format: Web Page
Regions: North America, United States of America
Audiences: Nurses, Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners, Doctors/Physicians
Literacy level: High
Topic Areas: Antiretroviral Treatment & Complications, Opportunistic Infections & Associated Conditions, Palliative Care
Resource Type: Clinical Tools