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Learning for Life: Classroom Activities for HIV and AIDS Education

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Young people in many countries are affected by HIV and AIDS in their families, schools, and communities. The manual was created to provide activities for teachers to show students how to prevent new HIV infections and cope with all aspects of HIV and AIDS. This activity book builds on the experience and materials of the preceding EI/EDC/WHO Teacher Training Programme on HIV Prevention, in which more than 200,000 teachers in more than 17 countries were trained. It covers all aspects of HIV and AIDS education, which includes not only basic information about HIV and AIDS and prevention strategies, but also HIV counseling, testing, treatment, and care; gender inequalities; stigma and discrimination; and involvement of people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS. The book contains lessons tailored to students in three different age groups: under age 10, ages 10-14, and ages 15+.

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Publisher: Education Development Center, Inc., Education International, World Health Organization
Language: English
Format: PDF
Region: Global
Audiences: Teachers/Educators, Trainers
Topic Areas: Primary Prevention, Psychosocial Support
Resource Type: Training Tools