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Palliative Care Core Curriculum

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This is a competency-based core curriculum intended for use in introductory training on palliative care. The curriculum was created to facilitate the development of the best basic skills and attitudes required for the delivery of palliative care services that meet the desired standards of palliative care. It incorporates theoretical, practical, mentorship and supervision components that are critical to the effective application of knowledge in practice. APCA hopes that this core curriculum will contribute to the development of positive initial experiences in palliative care and raise enthusiasm and excitement for further development of the discipline across Africa. Healthcare providers and educators can use it in the development and implementation of suitable country-based and regional training programs in palliative care.

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Publisher: African Palliative Care Association
Language: English
Format: PDF
Region: Global
Audience: Trainers
Topic Area: Palliative Care
Resource Type: Curricula