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Booklet for Caregivers of Children Living with HIV [Amharic]

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Amharic: Web site [5 MB]


This booklet, written in Amharic, is intended to guide Ethiopian caregivers of HIV-infected children. It addresses these key points: regular clinic visits, vaccination, adherence, disclosure, signs of danger, personal hygiene, diet and dental health,exercise, and healthy relationships, including building self esteem and acting as a role model for the child.

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs
Language: Amharic
Format: Web site
Region: Ethiopia
Audiences: Community Health Workers/Volunteer Caregivers, People Living with HIV/AIDS, Other Healthcare Workers
Topic Areas: Primary Care of HIV Infected & Exposed Children, Pediatric Antiretroviral Treatment, Psychosocial Support, Nutrition
Resource Type: Patient & Community Education Material