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WHO Guidelines for Screening and Treatment of Precancerous Lesions for Cervical Cancer Prevention

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This guideline provides recommendations for strategies for a screen-and-treat program. Instead of screening and diagnosis by the standard sequence of cytology, colposcopy, biopsy, and histological confirmation of CIN, an alternative method is to use a ‘screen-and-treat’ approach in which the treatment decision is based on a screening test and treatment is provided soon or, ideally, immediately after a positive screening test. It builds upon the existing WHO guidelines: Use of cryotherapy for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (from 2011) and on new WHO guidelines for treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 2–3 and glandular adenocarcinoma in situ (forthcoming). This guideline was intended primarily for policy-makers, managers, program officers, and other professionals in the health sector who have responsibility for choosing strategies for cervical cancer prevention, at country, regional and district levels.

Publisher: World Health Organization
Language: English
Format: Web Page
Region: Global
Audiences: Policymakers, Program Managers, Doctors/Physicians
Topic Area: Primary Care of HIV-Infected Women
Resource Type: Clinical Guidelines