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Promising and Best Practices in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care for West and Central Africa

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Using experience gained while working on the AWARE-HIV/AIDS project covering 18 countries in West and Central Africa, this document defines key best practices for HIV/AIDS work in the region. At an initial consensus building workshop in Dakar, a promising and best practice was defined as ?an experience,initiative or program that has proven its effectiveness and its contribution to the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and that can serve as an example and inspiring model for others (program planners, managers, and implementers)?. In order to be a promising and best practice, a given experience should meet these criteria: It should be; useful and relevant, effective,innovative, produce results within a reasonable time, efficient/cost-effective, ethically sound and sustainable.

Publisher: FHI 360
Languages: English, French
Format: PDF
Region: Sub-Saharan Africa
Audiences: Policymakers, Program Managers
Topic Area: General HIV Resources
Resource Type: Program Best Practices