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Adherence Support Worker Training Materials

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Comprised of training materials for both facilitators and participants, these documents are intended to train antiretroviral therapy adherence support workers (ASWs). After participating in this 2-week intensive training course, community volunteers can work alongside nurses and doctors to improve adherence. ASWs increase adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) by providing treatment support and HIV education in the patient's own language, allowing nurses and doctors to focus on other clinical priorities. The manuals cover a range of topics, including both technical information and techniques for relationship building and counseling. Through didactic sessions, role plays, and group exercises, ASWs learn to interact with patients in clinical, community, and home settings. ASWs also are trained to participate in the referral network and to reengage treatment defaulters.

Publisher: FHI 360
Language: English
Format: Web site
Region: Global
Audiences: Community Health Workers/Volunteer Caregivers, Trainers, Other Healthcare Workers, Program Managers, Counselors
Literacy level: Medium
Topic Areas: Antiretroviral Treatment & Complications, Psychosocial Support
Resource Type: Training Tools