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Antiretroviral Therapy of HIV Infection in Infants and Children in Resource-Limited Settings: Towards Universal Access--Recommendations for a Public Health Approach

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These revised, stand-alone comprehensive guidelines, based on a public health approach, have been developed in order to support and facilitate the management and scale-up of antiretroviral treatment (ART) in infants and children. The guidelines give recommendations on when ART should begin, which ARV regimens should be introduced, the reasons for changing ART, and the regimens that should be continued if treatment has to be changed. Note: This document has been replaced with a more recent version from 2010.

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Publisher: World Health Organization
Language: English
Format: PDF
Region: Global
Audiences: Program Managers, Doctors/Physicians, Nurses, Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners, Trainers
Literacy level: Medium
Topic Area: Pediatric Antiretroviral Treatment
Resource Type: Clinical Guidelines