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Guidance on Provider-Initiated HIV Testing and Counselling in Health Facilities

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English: PDF [2.7]


This document provides basic operational guidance on provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling in health facilities. The guidelines advise that health care providers globally should recommend HIV testing and counseling to all patients who present with conditions that might suggest underlying HIV disease. Specific additional guidance is given for countries facing generalized, concentrated, and low-level HIV epidemics. The guidelines recommend that, depending on the epidemiological and social context, countries should consider recommending HIV testing and counseling to all patients in selected health facilities (eg, antenatal, tuberculosis, sexual health, and health services for most-at-risk populations). The document also includes guidance on special considerations for HIV testing and counseling for adolescents and children. Additional recommendations are given on ensuring informed consent for HIV testing, providing appropriate post-test counseling and follow up, and creating a supportive social, policy and legal framework for HIV testing. Note: The statement on p.44 regarding oral fluid HIV testing not being approved is inaccurate. WHO has issued a separate correction.

Publisher: World Health Organization
Language: English
Format: PDF
Region: Global
Audiences: Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners, Policymakers, Program Managers, Researchers, Counselors, Doctors/Physicians, Laboratory Workers, Midwives/Traditional Birth Attendants, Nurses, Other Healthcare Workers
Literacy level: High
Topic Area: Testing & Counseling
Resource Type: Clinical Guidelines