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Un libro para parteras: Atención del embarazo, el parto y la salud de la mujer

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Spanish: PDF [494K] Web Page English: PDF [13.4MB]


This new edition focuses on simple, low-cost treatments and has been revised to better support care during labor and management of obstetric emergencies. Updated information includes HIV/AIDS in pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, infection prevention, family planning, pelvic exams, IUD insertion and removal, helping a woman when a pregnancy ends early, and manual vacuum aspiration. The book is heavily illustrated, clearly written, and developed with the participation of community- based midwives, midwifery trainers, and medical specialists around the world. It is equally useful in a rural village or urban clinic, as a training manual for students, or as a reference for an experienced midwife. [The PDF links to an introductory section, the full document can be downloaded from the Hesperian Foundation website]

Publisher: Hesperian Foundation
Languages: Spanish, English
Formats: PDF, Web Page
Region: Global
Audiences: Midwives/Traditional Birth Attendants, Nurses, Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners, Other Healthcare Workers
Topic Areas: General Care during Pregnancy, Labor, & Delivery, Reproductive Health & Family Planning, Perinatal Interventions
Resource Type: Manuals