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Nutrition for PLWHA: Counselling Cards

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English: PDF [2.3MB]


These cards are designed for counselors and health workers to enhance nutrition counseling for people living with HIV. They may be used in individual or group counseling with people living with HIV or their caregivers to help them make informed choices for improving their nutrition, identify and use locally available foods to meet their nutritional needs, understand and adopt practices that promote a healthier nutritional status, and understand how to use diet to manage common HIV/AIDS related conditions.

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Publisher: Regional Centre for Quality of Health Care, Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Project
Language: English
Format: PDF
Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa, Uganda
Audiences: Counselors, Physician's Assistants/Nurse Practitioners, Nurses
Literacy level: Medium
Topic Area: Nutrition
Resource Type: Patient & Community Education Material