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Addressing the Challenges of Disclosure, Discordance, Couples Counseling and Testing, and Retesting in PMTCT Programs

May 17-18, 2010, Arusha, Tanzania
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Meeting Overview
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Organized by the CDC Technical Working Group on PMTCT

Meeting Overview

With the scale up of HIV testing and counseling in PMTCT settings, healthcare workers are increasingly faced with the challenges that occur with low rates of disclosure, which - when matched with high rates of discordance -can lead to high rates of incident infection, i.e., seroconversion during pregnancy or breastfeeding. In response to a pressing need to address these and related challenges in resource-limited settings, the PEPFAR PMTCT/ Pediatric and HIV Testing and Counseling Technical Working Groups, together with the PwP Task Force, convened a meeting of Ministry of Health PMTCT staff, implementing partners and country-based United States government agency staff from 24 PEPFAR countries, as well as technical experts from WHO, NIH, UNICEF, USAID and the Centers for Disease Control Global AIDS Program (CDC GAP). The focus of the meeting, which took place on May 17-18, 2010 in Arusha, Tanzania, was to share experiences and best practices that have been implemented to address these issues, including couples/ partner testing and counseling, prevention with positives, and re-testing for pregnant women in PMTCT programs.

The meeting included panel presentations from country representatives, as well as overview presentations by technical experts aligning the issues into an enhanced HTC for PMTCT framework. Breakout groups were held on the second day of the meeting to facilitate action planning and identify technical assistance needs related to addressing country-specific issues. A presentation was given on the final day, summarizing the key points from the presentations and discussions and highlighting the best strategies and solutions based on the evidence presented.

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Participant List 21K
Agenda 102K
Final Report 1MB
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Day 1: Monday, May 17, 2010

Speakers (Affiliation)
Powerpoint or PDF
HIV Testing and Counseling (TC) Issues in Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) Settings Omotayo Bolu (CDC) 659K
Framework: Enhanced Counseling & Testing in PMTCT Context George Siberry (NIH) 304K
A Solution-Focused Approach to Addressing Common Challenges with HTC in PMTCT Settings Kristina Grabbe (CDC) 542K
Panel 1: Seroconversion during Pregnancy, Re-Testing
HIV Incidence in Pregnancy and the First Post-Partum Year Implications for Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission William Jimbo (CDC-BOTUSA) 632K
Re-testing & Seroconversion Andrew Kumwenda
(FHI, Zambia)
Approaches to Addressing Incident Infections/ Seroconversion in PMTCT Settings Mohammed Mahdi (EGPAF, Swaziland) 2.1MB
Once is Never Enough! Data Issues around Collecting 2nd (and 3rd) HIV tests at ANC or L&D Rachel Blacher (ICF Macro) 134K
Panel 2: Couples HIV Testing and Counselling
Couples HIV Counseling and Testing in PMTCT Settings Michael Msangi (Tanzania MOHSW) 2MB
Couples HIV Counseling and Testing in the MNCH Setting Godfrey Esiru (Uganda MOH) 944K
Evolution of CVCT: Costs Per Infection Averted Susan Allen (RZRG) 5MB
Evolution of Couples' HIV Counseling and Testing in Rwanda Nadine Shema (Rwanda MOH), Etienne Karita (PSF, Rwanda) 1.1MB
Zambia-Emory HIV Research Project Couples Counseling and Testing Overview Lawrence Mwananyanda (RZRG) 2.1MB
Panel 3: Partner Testing and Demand Creation
Partner Testing and Counseling in PMTCT- Kenya Isabella Yonga, Davies Kimanga (USAID-Kenya) 2.4MB
Male involvement in PMTCT: A Hit or a Miss? Joy Masheke Manengu (USAID) 941K
Partner Testing and Demand Creation: The Case of Ethiopia Yoseph Gebriel (USAID-Ethiopia) 3.4MB
Addressing the Challenges of Couple Testing in PMTCT Setting in Namibia: The Onandjokwe Partner Testing Case Study Mbayi Kangudie (USAID), Francina Rusberg (Namibia MOHSS) 3.1MB
Routine HIV Testing and Counseling during Labor & Delivery for the Prevention of Mother-to-child Transmission of HIV Jaco Homsy (UCSF) 3.6MB
Demand Creation for Couples HIV Testing and Counseling Elizabeth Marum (CDC) 29MB
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Day 2: Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Speakers (Affiliation)
Powerpoint or PDF
Summary of Day 1: Addressing the Challenges of Disclosure, Discordance, Couples/Partner Counseling and Testing, and Re-Testing in PMTCT Programs Virginia Allread (FXB) 63K
Prevention Interventions for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Integrating Prevention into PMTCT Pamela Bachanas (CDC) 6MB
Panel 4: Prevention with Positives (PwP)
Prevention with Positives (PwP) in the Context of PMTCT programs in Ethiopia Abdulhamid Isehak Ahmed (CDC-Ethiopia) 714K
Mozambique Positive Prevention in PMTCT Lilia Paulo Jamisse (USAID-Mozambique) 880K
Couples HIV Testing and Counseling: CDC Training Materials Kristina Grabbe (CDC) 1.5MB
Testing and Counselling for PMTCT Support Tools (2010 Update) and Evaluation Toolkit Supria Sarma, Aliya Jiwani (FXB) 3.7MB
HTC in PMTCT - Engaging Couples, Promoting Disclosure and Increasing Impact Rachel Baggaley (WHO) 142K
You Finally Got Him to Attend ANC for Partner Testing, Now How Do You Count Him? (And Them?) Rachel Blacher (CDC) 1.7MB
Summary: HTC and PMTCT Regional Meeting Emilia Rivadeneira, (CDC) 533K
Break Out Group 1 143K
Break Out Group 2 47K
Break Out Group 3 42K
Break Out Group 4 164K
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Arusha Meeting Group Photo
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