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Early Infant Diagnosis: Improving PMTCT and Pediatric HIV Programs

May 13-15, 2010, Arusha, Tanzania
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Meeting Overview
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Organized by the CDC Technical Working Group on PMTCT

Meeting Overview

Pediatric HIV care and treatment is increasingly being prioritized in the global response to the HIV epidemic. Early infant diagnosis (EID) programs offer diagnosis of HIV infection from 4-6 weeks of age, which facilitates provision of life-saving care to infants infected with HIV and enables access to HIV prevention information and support for those testing negative. However, as countries work to implement and scale-up EID services, they are faced with multiple challenges: identifying and tracking HIV-exposed infants, timely return of PCR test results, ensuring early treatment of infected infants, collection and management of EID data, and training and supervision of healthcare workers providing EID services.

In order to address these and similar challenges, the United States Government PMTCT/Pediatric Technical Working Group convened a meeting of stakeholders from 23 countries, as well as technical experts from the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Roche Diagnostics, UNICEF, USAID, and the Centers for Disease Control Global AIDS Program (CDC GAP). The focus of the meeting-entitled "Early Infant Diagnosis: improving PMTCT and pediatric HIV programs"-was to share experiences and best practices that have been implemented in various countries to address the identified challenges. The meeting took place from May 13-15, 2010 in Arusha, Tanzania.

During the meeting, there were presentations by country representatives and technical experts in the following topic areas: effective training and supervision at the site level; identifying exposed infants at key points and ensuring infected infants are retained and receive antiretroviral therapy (ART); result turnaround time and SMS/other novel technologies to improve turnaround time; and the collection, management and analysis of EID program data to improve EID, PMTCT and pediatric care and treatment programs. Breakout groups were held on the third day of the meeting to facilitate action planning and identify technical assistance needs related to addressing country-specific issues.

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Participant List 20K
Agenda 321K
Final Report 444K
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Day 1: Thursday, May 13, 2010

Speakers (Affiliation)
Powerpoint or PDF
Introductory Remarks
Welcome and Themes of the Meeting Tracy Creek, Helen Dale, Ryan Phelps (CDC) 109K
PEPFAR-Supported Early Infant Diagnosis Programs Helen Dale (CDC) 695K
2009 Laboratory Survey of PEPFAR-supported EID Practices Dennis Ellenberger (CDC) 58K
CDC EID Implementation Manuals Tracy Creek (CDC) 134K
Evaluation of Early HIV Infant Diagnosis Systems Jaco Homsy (UCSF GHS PPHG), Helen Dale (CDC) 307K
Surveys to Evaluate Initial HIV Drug Resistance and Associated Factors among HIV-Positive Infants Diagnosed by PCR Diane Bennett (CDC), Helen Dale (CDC) 140K
Objective 1: Effective Training & Supervision at Site Level
Effective Training and Supervision at Site Level Liezl Smit (S2S) 3.4MB
HIV Early Infant Diagnosis in Tanzania Robert Madumba
(Tanzania MoH)
Experiences and Challenges in Cameroon Nnomzo' o Etienne
(Cameroon MoH)
Mozambique Early Infant Diagnosis Program Adolfo Vubil
(Mozambique NIH)
Overview of Upcoming Site Supervision Tools/Package from IATT Tracy Creek (CDC), Sangeeta Tripathi (UNICEF) 4.1MB
Objective 2: Identifying Exposed Infants, Retention & Receipt of ART
Early Infant Diagnosis: Improving PMTCT and Paediatric HIV Programs (Kenya) Shobha N. Vakil
(Kenya NASCOP)
Identify Exposed Infants at Entry Points in Vietnam Binh Nguyen
(Vietnam CDC)
Zambia EID Program Overview Rokaya Ginwalla
(Zambia CDC)
Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) in Tanzania Patrick Rwehumbiza
(Tanzania CDC)
Increased Access to ART: "The EID Roll out Effect on Infant ART Coverage in Namibia" Didier Mbayi Kangudie
(Namibia USAID)
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Day 2: Friday, May 14, 2010

Speakers (Affiliation)
Powerpoint or PDF
Objective 3: Result Turnaround Time
Mobile Technology For Expedited Results Delivery & Lab System Strengthening Jackson Hungu
(Clinton Foundation)
Benefits of SMS Technology in Reducing Turnaround Time for Uganda's Early Infant Diagnosis Program Charles Kiyaga
(Uganda MoH)
Experiences and Challenges in Cameroon Nobah Marie-Thérèse
(Côte d'Ivoire CDC)
Improving DBS/PCR Turnaround Time Rokaya Ginwalla
(Zambia MoH)
Mobile Access to Laboratory Results Jason Williams
(CDC South Africa)
An Electronic Solution to Deliver PCR Results to Health Facilities in Timely Manner Using SMS Nadine Umutoni Wa Shema
(Rwanda MoH)
Data Collection, Management & Analysis for Early HIV Infant Care Jaco Homsy
Objective 4: Collection, Management and Analysis of EID Program Data
Using EID Data Tools to Improve Facility-Level Service Provision and Strengthen the National Program Charles Kiyaga (Uganda MoH) 1.1MB
EID Laboratory Data Rich Freeman
(Clinton Foundation)
Early Infant Diagnosis: Data Collection, Management, and Analysis for Program Monitoring William Jimbo
(Botswana MoH)
Malawi Early Infant Diagnosis: Data Management in the Laboratory Sara Hersey
(CDC Malawi)
Implementation of an Internal Quality Control Program at the CDC Reference Laboratory Marie Yolande Borget- Alloue
(Côte d'Ivoire CDC)
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Day 3: Saturday, May 15, 2010

Speakers (Affiliation)
Powerpoint or PDF
Early Infant Diagnosis in China Wendy (Xiaoyu) Wei (CDC China) 2.5MB
Early Infant Diagnosis in Ethiopia Gudeta Tibesso (EHNRI/MOH Ethiopia) 2MB
Rapid Assessment of Nigeria's Early Infant Diagnosis Program Dennis Onotu (Nigeria CDC), Omotayo Bolu (CDC) 2.8MB
Topics on Care for HIV-Exposed Infants Emilia D. Rivadeneira (CDC) 2.4MB
UNITAID Transition Rich Freeman (Clinton Foundation) 599K
Imminent EID technology from the laboratory Dennis Ellenberger (CDC) 939K
Point-of-Care Testing for Early Infant Diagnosis Rich Freeman (Clinton Foundation) 1.4MB
Concluding Remarks Tracy Creek (CDC) 544K
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Group Photo

Arusha Meeting Group Photo
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