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Guyana PMTCT National Training Curriculum

April 2011
Guyana Ministry of Health
WHO/HHS-CDC PMTCT Generic Training Package
Pocket Guide
Clinical Algorithms
Clinic Wall Charts
Patient ARV Brochures


Participant Manual Trainer Manual Slides
Introduction PDF, 144K PDF, 96K PPT, 885K
Module 1: Introduction to HIV/AIDS PDF, 295K PDF, 634K
PPT, 3.5MB
Module 2: Overview of HIV Prevention in Mothers, Infants, and Young Children PDF, 100K PDF, 293K
PPT, 1.6MB
Module 3: Interventions to Prevent MTCT of HIV PDF, 94K PDF, 251K
PPT, 1.6MB
Module 4: Stigma and Discrimination Related to MTCT PDF, 395K PDF,760K
Module 5: Infant Feeding in the Context of HIV Infection PDF, 421K PDF, 791K
PPT, 1.6MB
Module 6: HIV Counselling and Testing in Pregnancy PDF, 340K PDF, 602K
Module 7: Healthcare and Social Support for Mothers and Families with HIV Infection PDF, 286K PDF, 1.5MB
PPT, 824K
Module 8: Prevention of HIV Transmission in the Healthcare Setting PDF, 674K PDF, 662K
PPT, 2.6MB
Module 9: PMTCT Programme Monitoring PDF, 61K PDF, 2.6MB
PPT, 800K
Module 10: Supportive Care for the Caregiver PDF, 70K PDF, 1.9MB
PPT, 1.7MB
Closing the Course NA PDF, 34K
Frequently Asked Questions NA PDF, 54K
Glossary PDF, 45K
PDF, 119K
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Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide PDF, 506K
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Clinical Algorithms

Voluntary Counselling and Testing PDF, 282K
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis PDF, 445K
Patient Enrollment PDF, 291K
Determining Eligibility for ARV Therapy: Adults and Adolescents PDF, 441K
Starting and Managing ARV Therapy in Eligible Adults and Adolescents PDF, 444K
ARV Treatment Adherence PDF, 333K
ARV Therapy in Adults and Adolescents PDF, 282K
Laboratory Monitoring for Adults and Adolescents PDF, 279K
TB-HIV Co-Infection in Adults and Adolescents PDF, 447K
Managing HIV-Infected Pregnant Women and Preventing of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission PDF, 466K
Determining Eligibility for ARV Therapy: Children PDF, 444K
Laboratory Monitoring for Children on ARV Therapy PDF, 317K
Managing ARV Treatment Failure PDF, 443K
Prophylaxis for Opportunistic Infections PDF, 275K
Pneumocystis jiroveci Prophylaxis (PCP) for Adults and Adolescents PDF, 290K
Pneumocystis jiroveci Prophylaxis (PCP) for Children PDF, 441K
Nutritional Assessment and Intervention PDF, 270K
Clinic Visit Scheduling PDF, 277K
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Clinic Wall Charts

What is HIV? PDF, 78K
How is HIV Spread? PDF, 73K
How HIV Cannot Be Transmitted PDF, 98K
How Can I Protect Myself from Getting HIV? PDF, 85K
How Can I Protect My Baby From Getting HIV? PDF, 105K
Infant Feeding & HIV Infection PDF, 86K
Nevirapine (NVP) Prophylaxis for MTCT PDF, 80K
Enrolling Women Into the Programme PDF, 77K
PMTCT Staff Have A Responsiblity to Respect PDF, 85K
Managing Occupational Exposure to HIV PDF, 778K
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Patient ARV Brochures

Taking Your Medications - Dimune [AZT and 3CT] and Nevirapine PDF, 408K
Taking Your Medications - Dimune [AZT and 3CT] and Efavirenz PDF, 410K
Taking Your Medications - Lamivudine, Stavudine, and Efavirenz PDF, 397K
Taking Your Medications - Lamivudine, Stavudine, and Nevirapine PDF, 403K
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