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Guide to Implementation of Services for Early Diagnosis of HIV in Infants in Resource-Limited Settings


Book 1. Implementation Guide for Program Managers

Early diagnosis of HIV infection in children is the first critical step to reducing HIV-related morbidity and mortality in the first years of life, and a key component to the follow-up of HIV-exposed children. These services are especially important to encourage linkages between prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) programs and HIV care and treatment programs. Responding to increased availability of pediatric therapy in resource-limited countries and increased regional capacity to manage treatment of HIV-infected children, this guide provides on overview of infant diagnosis for program managers. It covers the basics of setting up early infant diagnosis services, including choice of a test and an appropriate testing algorithm, clinical staff training needs, required laboratory infrastructure, and program evaluation. The table includes the guide and appendices.

Book 1. Implementation Guide for Program Managers

Cover - 427K - -
Book 1. Implementation Guide for Program Managers - 523K 208K -
Appendix 1: Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Infection in Infants and Children: Towards Universal Access, Recommendations for a Public Health Approach - 1.3MB - -
Appendix 2: General slide set on infant diagnosis - - - 7.9MB
Appendix 3: Planning checklist for program managers - - 45K -
Appendix 4: WHO Summary on Early Diagnosis of HIV - 330K - -
Appendix 5: Sample ANC card incorporating HIV and PMTCT - - 43K -
Appendix 6: Sample child health card incorporating HIV and PMTCT - - 51K -
Appendix 7: WHO guidelines on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis - 1MB - -
Appendix 8: Cost of PCR testing with and without confirmatory testing 36MB - - -
Appendix 9: Overview of Roche Diagnostics consumable supply boxes - - 25K -
Appendix 10: Calculator for supply and staffing requirements 107K - - -
Appendix 11: Obtaining supplies for early infant diagnosis from SCMS 51K - - -
Appendix 12: Brochure on public-private partnership with Becton-Dickinson - 166K - -
Appendix 13: Sample infant testing register for clinics - - 28K -
Appendix 14: Sample PCR test requisition form - 46K - -
Appendix 15: PCR training programs - - 35K -
Appendix 16: Sample quarterly report - - 77K -
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